About Anglo Arabian Healthcare

In 2013, Waha Capital made its first investment in the healthcare sector by acquiring Anglo Arabian Healthcare (AAH), a group established to deliver healthcare services throughout the United Arab Emirates. AAH currently owns and operates 30 business assets, employs more than 900 people and serves over 540,000 registered outpatients. Operating assets consist of a hospital, a day surgery center, 15 clinics, 5 pharmacies, 7 diagnostic centers and one medical education provider, with 3 clinics and one diagnostic center currently in formation. The hospital, which officially opened in the fourth quarter of 2015, was a significant milestone in the development of AAH, increasing the inpatient capacity to approximately 23,400 per annum, from 1,870.

  • Average daily visits of over

    1,500 patients
  • Over

    540,000 registered outpatients
  • 1 hospital, 1 day surgery center, 18 clinics, 5 pharmacies, 8 diagnostic centers and 1 CME provider

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