Channel VAS

Channel VAS

About Channel VAS

  • Operates in over

    40 Countries
  • Provides micro finance to over

    750 million mobile network subscribers
  • Established in


Channel VAS is a Fintech company providing mobile financial and value-added services for mobile operators. It operates in 40 countries, and has a focus in emerging markets in Africa, the Middle East, Asia and Latin America.  With an addressable base of over 750 million mobile subscribers, Channel VAS’s operations are utilised by about 50 multi-nationals and financial institutions.

In addition to airtime credit, Channel VAS is innovating customer monetisation for mobile network operators by advancing cash and handset loans to mobile subscribers in partnership with licensed financial institutions in relevant local jurisdictions. The company is pursuing a strategy to extend its global presence in the Airtime Credit Services segment while nurturing new complementary business models within the Mobile Financial Services segment to accelerate future growth.

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